Welcome to Atlas Wholesale

How to Order

Below are a few steps to act as a guide to ordering on the Atlas Wholesale website:

To be able to view prices and order you will either need to register if you are a new user or login if you are an existing user.
Registration needs to be confirmed by a staff member of Atlas Wholesale so please be patient whilst this is done.

Once logged in choose a category from the teal menu bar at the top. This will bring up a list of sub categories. Choose a sub category and then the products will be displayed.

In the product list the ‘Add to Cart’ button will add the product straight into the shopping cart. The ‘View Details’ button will take you to the products page where you will find more info on the item along with the option to add it to the cart and adjust the quantity ordered.

If you are not logged in the ‘Add to Cart’ button will show ‘Log in to View Price’ clicking on this will take you to the login page.

Once an item is in the cart you can either continue shopping for other products or proceed to the checkout.

In the shopping cart you can apply a discount code if you have one and enter your country and zip / postcode to obtain a shipping estimate based on the items in your cart and location.
If the estimate returns more than one option choose the best option for you eg. price or transit time.
Click on update total to show you the grand total of your order.

Once ‘Proceed to Checkout’ is clicked you can check you billing address and select whether to ship to this address or a different one. If you choose to ship to a different address you will be prompted to enter this once you click ‘Continue’

The following screen will confirm the shipping method. If you didn’t obtain a shipping estimate earlier and you have more than one shipping option please select the one you require.

Clicking on ‘Continue’ will take you to the payment section. There are two choices PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Online payment is handled by PayPal but you don't need to have a PayPal account to make a purchase.
Either enter your card details or log in to PayPal to complete the transaction. After this has been completed please wait while you are directed back to our website.

Choosing ‘Bank Transfer’ and clicking ‘Continue’ will take you to an order conformation page where you can check the order over and then place the order. A confirmation screen will then show your order number. An email will be sent confirming your order along with our bank details for making the payment.