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Darts Deluxe Electronic Dart Scorer

Darts Deluxe Electronic Dart Scorer

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Perfectly suitable for pub/club use as well as the home.  This dart scorer has a host of features that aid any level of match.
The Darts Deluxe allows you to play all games up to 1001, displays scores, legs, sets and calculates per dart & per throw averages. 
It even has a ‘practice checkout’ mode, ‘solo play’ mode or play against the computer along with error checking for invalid inputs.
It also has the added bonus of an in-built random number selector for drawing raffle or lottery numbers.
Great machine for dart players of all abilities.

Full feature list below:

Plays games up to 1001.
Shows scores, legs and sets. 
Displays per dart and per three dart averages plus number of darts thrown in the last leg.
Recalls last ‘80’ scores.
Ability to enter a handicap.
Practice checkout facility. 
Solo play option. 
Play against the computer with 8 difficulty levels
21mm & 14.2mm displays. 
Player indicator LED. 
Disallows invalid entries and checkouts.
Last Score can be corrected.
Add scores a dart at a time.
Can be battery operated (4x AAA)

Random number selector.

(Great for raffles)

Select any number between 1 and 999.
Selectable start and finish numbers.
In built memory can recall last 40 drawn numbers.

Wall mountable, fixings included.


Width: 265mm
Height: 190mm
Depth: 30mm

Power Supply Included: 5v DC 500mA Mini USB or requires 4x AAA batteries

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